Amy L.

Alicia is the most gifted Acupuncturist I have ever had the pleasure to go to! Originally from Chicago I had tried some of the best pracitionars that money could buy to help heal my RA. Alicia was the first one that treated me from the heart and successfully over time helped me gain my life back.

When I first saw Alicia I was unable to walk without difficulty, my hands were almost unusable, with her treatments and support I slowly regained my mobility and freed myself of the crippling pain that was making my life a living hell. Her guidance and ability to treat the cause from the heart was a true miracle for me.

Alicia puts her heart and soul into her work and she cares greatly for all she treats. She is a true blessing for us here. Words can not even express what a gift she has given me and my son for now he has his mother back. Healthy, strong and without the horrible drugs that would have ended my life prematurely.

Anyone looking for true health and happiness needs to see Alicia. Her gifts go beyond her medicine because they come from her beautiful God given heart. I feel very blessed to have been touched by such a great practitioner.

Mikaela M.

 I first came to see Alicia when I fell in the snow on top of sugar loaf and ended up waking up to spasms in my back in the middle of the night. It was so bad that I couldn't even sit up and almost went to the hospital. I am an athlete in training for 2016 Olympics and wasn't able to train for almost 2 weeks. A friend of mine suggested seeing Alicia and even though I knew nothing about acupuncture I was desperate and decided to give it a try. Best decision ever!!! She treated that day and I was in the gym THAT night. The injury has not come back and since then she has healed several other injuries of mine. She treated me when I had spasms in my back, Slipped a disk in my neck, and when I had pains in my wrists and my sciatic nerve. Not only that but acupuncture has also helped me mentally. I have gained so much mental clarity from seeing Alicia and my stress levels have dropped. She is a healer! 

Mercedes T.

 I went to see Ally near the end of my pregnancy. I was planning a VBAC and had a ton of anxiety around that. Initially, I pursued acupuncture to help with proper positioning of my baby. But after the first session, it was clear to me that she was able to offer so SO much more. Through my sessions, I was able to completely resolve 100% of the fear and anxiety I had been experiencing, get to a place where I felt empowered and prepared, and completely emotionally grounded. As cliche as it sounds, these sessions changed my life and opened a door that I hadn't really considered before. Ally was so kind and giving and present with me and I'm so incredibly grateful for that. I couldn't recommend her more!